Simple Past Tense


* 過去式是用來表示過去發生的事情 *

* 當句子中出現 “yesterday, ago, last morning, last week, last night …… 大部分時間用過去式 *

*動詞的過去式一般都在動詞後加上 “ed” 字尾 e 後加上 “d” ,但若出現不規則動詞,其過去式的拼寫便有分別 *


buy à   bought         come     à   came           forget    à   forgot

sit   à   sat               catch     à   caught         bring     à   brought


1.     I __________ (meet) Adam and her sister two days ago.

2.     They __________(win) the jumping race last year.

3.     We __________(play) basketball last week.

4.     May __________(buy) a new cassette recorder last month.

5.     He __________(catch) a fish yesterday.

6.     Mr. Chan __________(join) the music club two years ago.

7.     Ben __________(live) in the United States in the past.

8.     I __________(arrive) at the hospital two hour ago.

9.     It __________(rain) heavily last night.

10. We __________(see) Rose in town a few days ago.

11.  I __________(go) to the cinema three times last week.

12.  Tom __________(lose) his key yesterday.

13.  I __________(do) a lot of work last night.

14.  Peter __________(walk) home after the party last night.

15.  Ann __________(watch) television a lot when she was ill last year.

16.  They __________(visit) their grandfather two days before.

17.  Mother __________(give) me fifty dollars yesterday.

18.  I __________(meet) John in the park last week.

19.  Susan __________(not sleep) well yesterday.

20.  It __________(be) Dad’s birthday yesterday.

21.  He __________(go) to the Ocean Park last week.

22.  Ming Leung __________(meet) Henry last night.

23.  I __________(give) a book to Mary yesterday.

24.  We __________(catch) a big fish last month.

25.  My sister __________(find) a beautiful flower yesterday.

26. The thieves __________(steal) her car two hours ago.

27. They __________(win) the prize last year.

28. Cheung man __________(break) the window a few minutes ago.

29. The dog __________(bite) Ah Man on the leg three days ago.

30. We __________(hear) the news last night.

31. The light __________(go) out last night, so they __________(light) the candles.

32. Martin __________(is) ill last week, so he __________(go) to see the doctor.

33. His grandfather __________(hurt) her leg when he __________(fall) down yesterday.

34.  I __________(eat) a lot yesterday.

35. The cat __________(catch) a mouse last week.



1.     met

2.     won

3.     played

4.     bought

5.     caught

6.     joined

7.     lived

8.     arrived

9.     rained

10. saw

11. went

12. lost

13. did

14. walked

15. watched

16. visited

17. gave

18. met

19. did not sleep

20.  was

21. went

22. met

23. gave

24. caught

25. found

26. stole

27. won

28. broke

29. bit

30. heard

31. went/ lighted

32. was/ went

33. hurt/ fell

34. ate